Optional Extras & Specialist Products

A wide range of additional products are available to compliment your Barrier

Floor Panel – Recommended for unbound surfaces; fitted in the centre of K Barriers to reduce erosion.

Additional Floor Panels – fitted either side of K Barriers, that slightly slope into the ground to reduce step formation and extend reliable underfoot area.

Adjustable Fencing Brackets – Allow you to secure fencing to Barriers without losing the ability to adjust it.

Additional High Visibility Labels – Use in addition to the four already attached to K Barrier to highlight the presence of the barrier for visually impaired users.

Extra Ground Fixing Kit – To use if relocating a K Barrier.

Side Posts – Available for all designs of barrier; ideal for closing off smaller gaps in alley ways etc. Come with 4 adjustable brackets.

Fencing – Heavy duty rhomboid profile rail fencing, and pedestrian guard rail, manufactured to order.  The ‘diamond’ shape reduces perching and therefore can help to reduce congregation at the site.

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